What inspires me

I’ve always been inspired by our time outdoors in nature. Whether it’s an early morning run, a surf or a dive with sea creatures, the colours and pastel hues you find in nature is what has always driven my painting subjects, colours and glaze recipes. I want to capture that and bring it into the home. 

I’m honestly so thankful for the patience and practice this art form has taught me. No matter how stressed or how quickly you want to get somewhere or make something you can’t rush this process and it forces you to slow right down, be present with what’s in front of you and appreciate its pace above your own. A character trait I’ve always struggled with. I spent days in the studio by myself just practicing and practicing.

As soon as I had learnt to control a small piece of clay, I wanted to throw bigger and bigger. It just opened my mind to all the possibilities of this muddy mess. I’ve still got so much to learn and have honestly only scratched the surface, but I think that’s one of the most exciting things about clay! Between making and creating glazes it’s a never-ending road of new things to learn, variables to control and spontaneous surprises.

A bit about my collections

I love creating whimsical organic shapes and anything that looks a little odd. I wedge different clays together and make my own glazes. While this is a time consuming process I’ve found it very rewarding when you get it right! It’s a bit of a rabbit hole that I don’t mind.

I wanted my collection to be for the everyday and travel, something that is beautiful to admire as well as functional. I love experimenting with overlapping glazes that have an opaque, matte, buttery finish and how these work against different clay bodies. I love creating vessels for flowers, large pitchers with funny handles and platters, keeping them colourful and looking so delicious you want to nibble them.

What I believe

Don’t compromise on what you’re driven by and love doing, even if it doesn’t make sense in the ‘career world’. I believe if you keep pursuing what you love and what you’re passionate about doors always open even if they don’t exist now. If you genuinely love and pursue what your doing, work will always find you. I think too often today we are pressured to do this the other way round.

Don’t let your creativity be squished into a box of what it "should" look like. It’s just one foot in front of the other — towards what you love to do.